Versuri Grenouer - Taken Off The List

Album: Grenouer - Lifelong Days

Looking into sun
Making things you've done to me
Lying in the sand alone
Being not the one
Landing on the ground
Saying words you've said to me
Feeling happiness behind
Taken off the list

End this phase
I couldn't pass this phase
Nothing is left to screen
For me to see
End this phase
I couldn't pass this phase

Air in my hands
Hating things you hate in me
Laughing in the open space
Talking you from me

Since I am your mistake
Since you've walked away
Since I am left behind
Since I am painted black

Find me
The fire of your eyes
Shadows of mistrust
Follow me again
Taken off the list
Sorrow on the rise
Doesn't set me free


Voiceless fire of despair
Walking by the sun
Laughing in my eyes
Talking through the ground
Watching at my sores

The empty sea of fantasy
Deserted lands belong to me
Distorted echoes respond to me
I will descend and disappear

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