Versuri Grenouer - Wakening Of Lords

Album: Grenouer - Border Of Misty Times

Weighed down with lies
Choke up with grease
Tear out your eyes fiercely
Fall down and swallow tears

Wakening of lords
You have denied
Resuscitates blessing of fair judge

Boil belly of void
Take up sinful prophets
Strangling, cable impedes air
Fearful vengeance
Damage, scream into fit
Follow saint prediction
High day - enemy begs mercy

Social outcast becomes esteemed
Eagerness extended
Legacy digested in truism
Perforation, modulation, newly-borne insight

Saturate instigate libertine dissidence
Total squash scorched with heat
Suppurate deflagrate

Whisper of runes
Sluggishness, inertness,
Feeble disclaim

Hear out sound of wings
Bow to clothed in garments
Sorrow, strays to decry
Anger, persecution
Final harvest is ripe
Triumph, we demand gore
Pour out bowls of the wrath
Amen, we demand more

Misdemeanor radiates disguise
Timid paranoia
Recreancy followed by remorse
Filthy effort, glossy warrant, renegade's device

Mighty peals - lords of lords sweeping off hailstones
Castigate overawe imprecate dominate