Versuri Grenouer - When Madness Rules

Album: Grenouer - Border Of Misty Times

Madness rules, obvious foresight
Loco pull violence and might
Leave your ruth, leave your twiggy hope
Terrified, fully sanctified

Eyewashing blockade
Blindfolded, intake

Madness games - way to slaughterhouse
Creaking bones - harmony is reached
Ravens warble, lies is killing lies
Fluently giving birth to lies

When society's million press
Forms identity to digest
Reproduction machines racking heavenly body
Sucking pauperization, executional wildness
Contradictory life
Maledictory death
I forget how to whip
They are feasting the rut
Age of buying, age of sale
Dubious honour, dreadful bale

Sloth is destroying the world
Trailed invasion
Dashing around belief

Mixture of numbers and names
Venal creatures enchained to
Clear motivation

Cause for staying alive
Cause for keeping your skin
Cause for livin' in sin praising lecherous cult
Sages taken by herbs
Stainless courage preserved
Calmness, reason, composure,
Spell of grizzled inlay
Copious knowledge
Stairway of hidden summit
Crystal throne

Madness rules, chaos coronates
Lucid hate, prodigious, insane
To prostrate, sinister control
Fulgurates, captivates the mind

Mend or end, mantle haze
Submissive logy spawn

Madness games, gradual inflame
Turning scale, somnolent pretence
What is preached, who's forever famed
Tenebrarum over dying race