Versuri Greymatter - 1000 Miles From Home

Album: Greymatter - Caterpillar Tree

Can you remember waking up one day to find
the sun shining on your day
And then you sit right back and recall where you
came from, and know that you're ok
What if we were never sad, we would not know
that when we smile we come alive
You arrive 5 minutes late, but if on time
you could have changed your life that day
You see we never really know when our time's up starting today

And have you ever been a 1000 miles from home
but still met someone that you know
And then both play along to catch up some sweet day,
but never make that call
We may see a million faces in our lives
but only some we get to know
And when you forgive,
then you must learn how to forget and understand to let it go

When you walk out that door
when you miss someone that you've seen or you
can't find the words that you need
When you should not fall in love or you're learning
to believe
Or you walk away from something bad to be free
Then you can know - only you can know
that is was meant to be

And when you look into the eyes of someone you want
are they really what you need?
Or is it just the fact you can't have what you want
or maybe it's not meant to be
And although friends will come and go within your life
you know the best ones they always stay
So don't you wait around for something that you want
If you can have something today.

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