Versuri GRIEF - Miserably Ever After

Album: GRIEF - Miserably Ever After

Day in, day out - Nothing has changed
Drugs, alcohol, to ease the pain
Distort the truth
Making it through - Finding a way

Making it through another day
No peace of mind

Misery comes - Misery goes
Empty feeling rotting my soul
Rotting my soul
Sometimes I feel like I'm hollow
Wallowing in all the sorrow
When will it end?

Days seem like weeks, weeks seem like years
Time washes away all of my tears
All of my fears, I confront everyday
Ripping my heart, tears it apart

Never-ending travel through time
No turning back, you're running blind
Search for my soul, identity
So when I die, I'll rest in peace

Your soul will never rest in peace
Miserably ever after

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