Versuri GRIMFIST - Christ Denied

Album: GRIMFIST - Ghouls Of Grandeur

Echoes from a bottomless pit
A girl embalmed in blood, p**s
& spit
Shrieks & prayers won't save her now
As the priest climbs down to f**k
Her mouth
Tears of disgust, thoughts of murder
A virgins mouth covered in saliva
& cum
Chirst denied & her soul crucified

The stench from the bottomless pit
As her father makes her eat his s**t
p**s in a glass perversion laughs
Her trail of thought leaves a mark
Of suicide
Christ denied her hands & feet tied
Wearing a crown of thorns

Christ denied
Christ denied

Bloop spurts in the bottomless pit
The girl sits with his cock between
Her teeth
Shrieks & prayers won't save him now
As she bites it off & spits it out
Thought of disgust, joy of murder
A priest's cock covered in saliva
& blood
Chirst denied & his soul crucified

Christ denied
Christ denied

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