Versuri GRIMFIST - No Compromise

Album: GRIMFIST - Ghouls Of Grandeur

There's no time (to) f**k around
How hard can it be?!!
Head straight for (the) f*****g
Take a stand be a man

No compromise
No compromise

Nowhere left (for) you to hide
Time for you to decide right now
Kill the (painted) smile
(Or keep the) face & lies

No compromise
No compromise

Bleed black or white now
No in between
Can't run forever
Hiding in a dream

There's no time
Black or white
Be a man
Take a stand
(Be a man take a stand more then a goat signed hand)

You play tricks
On yourself
To me you're
(As) clear as day
(Posing & talk don't fool me, too bad your own 2 eyes cant's see this)

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