Versuri Grinder - Superior Being

Album: Grinder - Nothing Is Sacred

Yes I know, you aim to be as good as me
As rich as free
But the shocking truth
'Bout how living works
Is you'd better try to cancel your piteous birth
Honestly spoken there'll be no kind of chance
To reach the lowest of the mid class levels
Life's in order
A most correct system
Where the scum's not to get better

Superior being, superior life
I'm havin' a good time
I'm a lot better than your kind
Superior being, the upper class truth
From the day of my birth I knew
I'm a lot better than you

Grease my walls
Stare at the amazing fence
Parting ill weeds from exotic plants
Caught in my electric eye
Your dull faces make me laugh
Again and again
Can't you see the difference
Can't you feel the gap
It must be evident even to the silliest pack
Guess I'll lean back and have a cigar
Glad you'll never get that far

I'm a lot better than you

Got a female caddy once a week
A member card to reach the 18th green
Got an amazingly huge swimming pool
My famous orgies break all the rules
Got companies in Arabia
Dead friends in Romania
Got nasty pictures of coloured whores
Brought 'em from South Africa

You'll never reach me
You'll never climb the stairs
Up to me, up to Eden
Up, up to superior being

Don't tell Nancy what I know 'bout Ronnie
Once we shared the same horny bunny
Paul McCartney owes me some
Lizzy's doin' what I want
I know George, I know Maggie
I knew Rock, the bloody faggie
Know Kashoggi, know Ghaddafi
Know the whole damn Likud party