Versuri Guardian - Let It Roll

Album: Guardian - Miracle Mile

Let your love roll on
let it roll
Things you\'ve given to me
may I never let them go
Let your love roll on
let it roll
Keep that river flowin\'
give me power in my soul

Wheels spinnin\' round and round
never seem touch the ground
You can\'t stop what\'s set in motion
Rivers flow into the ocean... Love

Like the raging of the sea
from the deep you rescued me
In a world that\'s goin\' crazy
lines are gettin\' hazy
Lord your truth is crystal clear to me
Forever is a highway
Lord you bring me through
Take me down the road that leads to you

You opened up my eyes to see
the riches of your majesty
Love is flowin\' down on me
Your peace is like a river runnin\' free
Forever is a highway
shinin\' ever new
Take me down the road that, leads to you

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