Versuri Guster - Perfect

Played follow the leader
Keeping my steps in time
Counting on the wonder ahead
I leave the pain behind
Its on me
Its all mine
Go away
Theyre my mistakes
Theyre not your problem
Pinned down in this heaven
Ill die a thousand times
Aware of the damage ahead
Ill leave the pain behind
Another day
A perfect day
A twinge of pain
The sting of the needle
So warm at the bottom
Warm never felt so kind
And for a moment or two
I leave it all behind
It's on me
It's all mine
Go away, they're my mistake and not your problem
Black dog
White picket fences
Mow them down and dance in the rip tide
Face down in consequences
Crack me up and stay on your own side
Another day
A perfect day
A twinge of pain, the sting of the needle
Starin at the walls provide
A brilliant sight through eyes of the needle
I wish I may
I wish I might
I pray my soul to keep tonight
When all the walls start staring back
A perfect day
A sting for the last time

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