Versuri Gwar - King Queen

One thing that I know:
That everywhere I f*****g go
People writhe with piles of corpses,
Rotting on there down below.
And they all beg forgiveness.
And so you know I will give them this.
Living in the future now,
Y'know I'm moving much too fast.
I feel like I'm dying even though I'm living in the past.
And this immortal coil
You know that it will always last.
And now I think I'll have to sing about the death and horror that I bring:
Gay apparel I put it on, put it on
Sucking the marrow.
And as you die I sing this song.
Oh! How shocking, how dare you.
Dare to die before I'm through.
Supposed I'll have to resurrect you
And bathe your bowels in boiling spew.
Now its time, almost time.
Now its time to...
I'm gazing at you broken bones.
I feel lost and so forlorn.
Another death, another mess,
Another shroud that I have worn.
Another box that I begin,
Another grave you'll soon be in.
I concentrate the lovely hate.
But you're looking kinda thin.
King Queen, King Queen, its so obscene.

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