Versuri Gwar - The Salaminizer

Here's a little something from a God to a slave,
I never should of been let out the f*****g microwave!
We're on this planet and we're running a muck,
I should give a s**t but I don't give a f**k!
Ever since I was a scumdog, I blew a cum-wad.
I need a mother-f*****g suckadickalickalong!
Burning a mall or two, blowing the load I spew.
You don't wanna f*****g f**k me? I'll f**k you!
This is your a*s, and I'm in it.
My man sexy will f**k you up in a minuet.
With an axe, sword, mace, pike your limbless.
Then I'll f**k your a*s till its rimless!