Versuri Gwydion - Descendent of Don

Album: Gwydion - Ynys Mon

Forged and breeded to rule the heavens
Son of the glorious immortal Don
Possessed his Castle amidst the stars
The greatest galaxy known as the Milky Way

Bright pupil of the wise Math
learned magic lore with outstanding skill
Through years of learning hardships
Finally He's proclaimed as the Druid of Gods

Lord of Illusion and Fantasy
Fought with Govannan against ignorance

Gwydio's obscure side
Helps his brother Gilfaethwy
Releasing his lust for Goewin
Maiden of King Math

Decieve is the way to her flesh
So forge a war to absorb the king
Then invade the unprotected rooms
And incest in royal sheets

Disguise thyself in ten bards
Trade the swine with your cards
Make all illusions become ill
Be free to enter Caer Dathyl

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