Halford - HALFORD-Live in Anaheim(dvd)

HALFORD-Live in Anaheim(dvd)

Aparut in: 2010-06-01

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PART 1:Documentary+4 songs
1.Heretic(live in Japan)
2.Sun(live in Japan)
3.Golgotha(live in Japan)
4.One Will(live in Japan)
PART 2:Concert Anaheim(Ca)
6.Rapid Fire
9.Made In Hell
11.Into The Pitt
12.Light Come Out Of Black
13.White Heat Red Hot
14.Never Satisfied
15.Breaking The Law
16.Hearts Of Darkness
17.Handing Out Bullets
18.Diamond And Rust
20.Electric Eye
21.Riding On The Wind
22.Victim Of Changes
23.You''''ve Got Another Thing''''Comin

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