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Rob Halford, on his real name Robert John Arthur Halford, also known under the pseudonym of Metal God, was born on August 25, zodiac sign, 1951, metal rabbit year, at 2:25, with ascending Scorpion, born in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire,and raised in Walsall,United Kingdom, currently living in Phoenix, Arizona,it was, is and always will be one of the greatest musicians and vocalist rock musician. Since childhood years has had an innate musical talent, talent on and further developed into adulthood, the held since then by the other musicians and also by fans as one of the musicians with the best voice rock voice with a distinct vocal timbre with a voice as high tensile and acute.De strong over the years has been more vocal member troops, but short periods, bands like Hiroshima, Thark, Abraxas, Lord Lucifer, Athens Wood, subsequently activating the meeting between the greatest bands heavy metal and that for many years, namely the band Judas Priest which leaves for a time to form their own bands and Fight Halford, following that after a period back into the band Judas Priest, but not lefting the projects with their own troops and Fight Halford.Around of these three great bands Judas Pries, Fight and Halford and supported by some of the most famous labels such as RCA, Gull, Sony, Columbia, Zia Records and is currently using its own house Metal God Records label, have contributed to the culture of rock music with some of the most valuable albums and concerts of all time. NET ADRESSES of ROB HALFORD: Labbel Adresses of Rob Halford: Metal God Entertainment PO Box 93430, PHX, AZ, 85070, Usa ________________________________________________________ BIOGRAPHY of HALFORD band: Halford band was founded by Rob Halford in 1999, in Phoenix, Arizona, after he left the band Judas Priest, and after Two band and the band already formed Fight, all the desire to change something in the style of music that was familiar to the band Judas Priest namely heavy metal and the desire to create a different style, more metallic which then did not fit the band Judas Priest, as desiring a band to create their own style to represent them. MEMBERS of HALFORD band: Rob Halford (vocals) Chlasciack Metal Mike (guitar) Pat Lachman (Guitars) Rindeau Ray (bass) Jarzombeck Bobby (drums) DISCOGRAPHY of HALFORD band: Live in London(2012) Live at Saitama(2011) Live in Anaheim(2011) Made Of Metal(2010) Crucible World Tour(2010-8 March) Winter Songs(2009-26 October) Metal God Essentials(2007) Crucible(2002) Live Insurrection(2001) Resurrection(2000) MANAGERS of HALFORD band: John Baxter Roy z EDITORS of HALFORD band: Stosh Jarecky Attila Juhasz NET ADRESSE of HALFORD band: LABEL ADRESSES of HALFORD band: Metal God Entertainment PO Box 93430, PHX, AZ, 85070, Usa _______________________________________________________ BIOGRAPHY of FIGHT band: Fight The band was founded by Rob Halford in 1992 after they left already band Judas Priest, but before the band Halford, wishing to change the musical style that was already familiar to the band Judas Priest and the desire to create a different style, more metallic, which then did not fit the band Judas Priest, as wanting to create a band to to represent them own style. MEMBERS of FIGHT band: Rob Halford (vocals) Brian Tilse (guitar) Russ Parrish (guitar) Jay Jay (bass) Scott Travis (drums) DISCOGRAPHY of FIGHT band: A Small Deadly Space(1995) Mutations(1994) War of Words(1993) MANAGERS of FIGHT band: John Baxter Roy z EDITORS of FIGHT band: Stosh Jarecky Attila Juhasz NET ADRESSES of FIGHT band: LABEL ADRESSES of FIGHT band: Metal God Entertainment PO Box 93430, PHX, AZ, 85070, Usa ________________________________________________________ BIOGRAPHY of JUDAS PRIEST band: Band Judas Priest (also called gods metal band) was formed in 1969, in Birmingham, United Britanie.De then and to this day Today, the contribution of an exceptional singer and some of the most best instrumentalists in rock music, have maintained their musical style the heavy metal faithful, compassionate world some of the most valuable rock albums and some of the best rock concerts, even if at some time have undergone a small change in the departure of Rob Halford, however, have returned spectacularly to return and reintegration of Rob in the band, we still bestowing the same music. MEMBERS of JUDAS PRIEST band: Rob Halford (vocals) Keneth Keith Downing (guitar) Glenn Tipton (guitar) Ian Hill (bass) Scott Travis (drums) __________________________________________________________ DISCOGRAPHY of JUDAS PRIEST band: British Steel Aniversary Single Cuts The Chosen Few Touch of Evil Live(2011) British Steel 30 Anyversary(2010) Touch Of Evil(2009) Nostradamus(2008) Angel Of Retribution(2005) Metalogy (2004-compilation) Live In London(2003) Demolition(2001) Meltdown(1998-compilation) Jugulator(1997) Metal Works 73-93 (1993-compilation) Painkiller(1990) Ram It Down(1988) Priest .. Live(1987) Turbo(1986) Defenders Of The Faith(1984) Screaming For Vengeance(1982) Poit of entry(1981) British Still(1980) Unleashed In The East(1979) Hell Bent for Leather(1979) Stained Class(1978) Sin After Sin(1977) Sad Wings of Destiny(1976) Rock Rolla(1974) MANAGERS of JUDAS PRIEST band: Jayne Andrews Bill Curbisley EDITORS of JUDAS PRIEST band: Mark Wilkinson WEBMASTER of JUDAS PRIEST band: Francis Murray NET ADRESSE of JUDAS PRIEST band: LABEL ADRESSES of JUDAS PRIEST band: Judas Priest Music Ltd, 3rd Floor, 12 Oval Road, Camden, London, NW 1.7 DH, UK ____________________________________________ P.S.PERSONAL THOUGHTS ABOUT ROB HALFORD Rob Halford was, is and forever will be one of the largest musicians, rock singer and songwriter, with an inborn talent on which however and further develop the experience of years of life entirely dedicated to music, so that certainly deserve to be rewarded for it now but is still alive, and not after his death,and certainly the greatest rewarding we bring as the fans, of course outside to listen his music, buying his albums and going to his concerts, is rewarding to help placed him in the gallery of older musicians of all time, Gallery Hall of Fame. So,you,dear fans, if indeed love music and you''''re sure to appreciate the real values in music, come and help make this come true and let us making a contribution to it by a mere signature on the following link and signing there in the petition which I made for him.Again,I was proud to do that,i was proud to sign there me too,I am proud that i discovered Rob Halford musical talent, and for that, thanks to my friend Gianny Painkiller who helped me to discover his talent,and i am proud that my love for Rob''''''''''''''''s music was arrived to Rob,and for that thanks to Jayne Andrews(manager of Judas Priest band), Mark Wilkinson(art editor in Judas Priest band) , Murray Francis(webmaster for Judas Priest band)which answered to all my messages and they gave to Rob all my letters.And i am proud to have in my collection some of Rob"s music, i was proud being presence to both Rob''''''''''''''''s shows in Romania,at Bucharest,on in 2008, in 11 July, at Best Fest Aftershock, and i am proud to have an autograph from his drummer from Judas Priest band, mr.Scott Travis,and othertime,in 2011,on 3 July,at Rock The City,when i succed through Lenti Chiriac to pass a simbolic gift to Rob,which I hope in the future to meet him personaly, talk to him, make a photo with him, and take an autograph.I am also proud receiving from the master of Facebook,the proposal to write an article for the Ice Vajal rock site,about the Judas Priest carier,and which should be publish on their site,and promote on Myspace and Facebook too,which i finished,but that never been published because of the chief editor of Ice Vajal site,that didn''''t have enough time for to rectified in for English verison,and to rectified the photos attached and to put it in Html,and i am proud about the petition i started i manage in Go Petition site with fans votes for helping in his induction in Rock&Roll Hall of Fame,and also about that page i admister here on Metalhead for his fans in Romania,finally just as a crazyness,i always dreamt to sing with him,meaning recording a duet song with him on one of his albums,or beeing his image of one of his videos,or singing a duet song with him on stage in one of his concerts,and much more,i dreamt to married him ,to have his child,and to die in his arms,but...impossible....... Don''''t forget the magical link where i wait your vote is: ______________________________________________________________________ And if I want to write me about so I will answer you with pleasure: My email: My Messenger: My space page: Much health,love,luck,peace and light to you all!!! GLORIA ROMANA SUCIU(HALFORD) THE QUEEN OF METAL GOD