Versuri Halford - 17.In The Morning(japanese edition bonus)

Album: Halford - HALFORD-Crucible(cd original 2002-21 Juny))

17. In The Morning

[Japanese bonus]

I'll tell you something
A few more hours
I'll turn away and won't be found
All your dreaming
Your wish is falling
I'm going away to someplace 
I'm searching, need some time
To, see what 
I can find

I know what I want
And I can see it
I've been along this road before
I can't remember
I need an answer
And yesterday is over
Now, I'm 
Chasing all the way the time
Ties, wounded memories
That tell what I feel
I lie awake and dreaming
Was I, calling out
I'm falling, in my dying garden
Take what you feel, when you're lonely.

In the morning, when your waking
I will always be with you