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Rob Halford, on his real name Robert John Arthur Halford, also known under the pseudonym of Metal God, was born on August 25, zodiac sign, 1951, metal rabbit year, at 2:25, with ascending Scorpion, born in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire,and raised in Walsall,United Kingdom, currently living in Phoenix, Arizona,it was, is and always will be one of the greatest musicians and vocalist rock musician. Since childhood years has had an innate musical talent, talent on and further developed into adulthood, the held since then by the......Biografie Halford
5.Never Again Versuri
15.Drive Versuri
1.Into The pit Versuri
11.Drive Versuri
24.Breaking The Law Versuri
4.Betrayal Versuri
ON DVD BONUS:20.Resurrection(behind the scenes) Versuri
11.Vicious Versuri
12.Reality a new Beggining Versuri
5.Light Comes Out Of Black Versuri
17.In The Morning(japanese edition bonus) Versuri
9.Blowout in the Radio Room Versuri
9.Psycho Suicide Versuri
12.Hell''s Last Survivor Versuri
21.Genocide Versuri
8.Immortal Sin(tolerance mix) Versuri
4.Silent Screams (Live At Rock In Rio III) Versuri
13.Trail Of Tears Versuri
1.Get into the Spirit Versuri
5.What child is This Versuri
24.In The Morning Versuri
8.Immortal Sin Versuri
2.Made In Hell Versuri
1.Into The Pit Versuri
10.In a world of my Own Making Versuri
6.Kill It Versuri
ON CD 2:16.Intro Versuri
5.Silent Screams (Video footage At Rock In Rio III) Versuri
3.O come O come Emanuel Versuri
1.Silent Screams (Demo) Versuri
6.Stained Class Versuri
6.A small deadly Space Versuri
4.Silent Screams (Live At Rock In Rio III) Versuri
4.Speed Of Sound Versuri
21.Beyond The Realms Of Death Versuri
23.Betrayal Versuri
5.Silent Screams Versuri
2.Made In Hell Versuri
9.In The Morning Versuri
4.Mouthpiece Versuri
7.Jawbreaker Versuri
2.We Three Kings Versuri
1.Park Manor Versuri
18.Electric Eye Versuri
17.Hellion Versuri
6.A Small Deadly Space Versuri

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