Helloween vor lansa un nou album anul viitor

de Cristi Nedelcu

Helloween vor lansa un nou album anul viitor

Informatia a venit dupa ce trupa si-a amanat turneul european "United Alive Part II", din cauza pandemiei Covid-19.

Trupa anuntat ca noul album neintitulat inca va fi lansat la inceputul anului 2021.

Iata ce au declarat artistii:

"This unprecedented pandemic is weighing on all of us and we believe the risk of infection is still far too high. In addition, the strict regulations of the respective countries make the implementation of the tour as a whole almost impossible. A HELLOWEEN concert should be an opportunity for all fans to celebrate together, have fun and enjoy the music that we all love. In the current situation, such a carefree get-together is unfortunately not possible. We also decided to postpone the release of our previously unnamed album until the beginning of next year. Production is already on the home stretch: Ronald Prent is working on mixing at full speed in New York."

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