Versuri Halo of Gunfire - From Whence They Came

Album: Halo of Gunfire - Conjuring The Damned

shrouded with the black of night
our ranks move forth to align for war
at dawn a horde of foes
approach from the horizon
i see a flickering
their swords and shields reflect the sun
i close my eyes and forsee the devastation
with the first advancement
i draw my sword and slice at will
no hesitations here
with no question why I've come to kill
decapitation and severed limbs
feeding the flames of fury
until this battles' end
what an immaculate desecration
of carcasses of slaughtered ones
what a blasphemous glare in the eyes
of all the dead
it is clear now that their strength
is dwindling yes they are finished
there is little now the few that
they have left may soon diminish
now the time is upon us to scour
this putrid field of battle
in search of the still breathing opposition
grasping onto dear life and finish them
no foe from this encounter
shall receive the mercy of being spared
to slither back into the darkness
from whence they came to tend to their wounds
and regain strength to fight us once again
many of our great men have been slain
but we may now at last breathe free
ours is the blood of honor courage and strength
let us forget not what
has been accomplished here this day

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