Versuri Halo of Gunfire - Story Time (High-fidelity 2008 EP)

Album: Halo of Gunfire - Conjuring The Damned

Crawling through tunnels deeper into the earth
stairs appear the torches clear the spindled web
a curse written in stone warns us not to go that if we dare
to take these stairs we will surely die
with skulls above that ran of blood it sent a chill through
all our spines so we agreed that we would see now it was do or die.

descending these steps not knowing where there leading us
we feel the bitter cold of the dead breathing down our necks
A door is clear outlined by the torches light
Ancient markings read to find the key before it chimes
yet we have made it through our quest begins
and so our sins have been left here at the door.
A bridge before us we adore it the canyon and the cross
carries us straight over the night our plight is this
to scale the infinite abyss.
where bodies remain now as cold as clay in the depths of the peril that lies beneath.
Over to the lair our fuel is in the fire.
It's on the other side away from the maze
you better believe it
descendants from sages
we're here to save all of mankind.

The five of us no fear but trust
in all the dark and merk,
these revolt songs we sing,
cause we fall,
its what you do with the weight of the world on your shoulders
just be kind
just be true and be your own
be yourself don't play the fool to anyone
cause i might be the one with the gun
pointed in your direction into your face.

A pathway to another realm brick walls slick with things grotesque torchlight casting eerie shadows.
A gust of wind reduces five flames into one
the corridors to narrow a long cast falls away to a cavernous landscape.
In the distance a red haze the final passage to the otherside,
far to late now to run and hide.
The sky is now a crimson fog,
pools of blood surround us,
pouring down the walls as waterfalls.
The screams and moans of the lost souls deafening.

As the beast approaches a large looming figure rears it ugly head,
while we unleash our vengeance the keeper of lost souls shall pass the power on in defeat,
as he lies his bloody head right here at our feet.

Surrounded by energy (all demise) of the souls we set free,
with our spirits united (comes with time) we've now become what we intended to be.

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