Also known as Unholy Cadaver Country: USA Label: Profound Lore Records Website: Formed in: 1998 1998- Progressive Doom metal 1998- Power metal 1998- Folk metal Line-up Current members: 1998-  John Cobbett - guitar, vocals   2003-  Sigrid Sheie - piano, organ   2006-  Ron Nichols - bass  ......Biografie HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE
The Dragon Is Summoned Versuri
The Bastard Sapling Versuri
On Wings Of Vengeance Versuri
The Hunting Tyrant Versuri
You Should Have Slain Me Versuri
An Oath Sworn In Hell Versuri
The Blood Axe Speaks Versuri
Tyrant Dies Versuri
The Witch's Dance Versuri
The Prophecy Has Two Meanings Versuri
New King's Lament Versuri
For The Axe Versuri
Troll's March Versuri
Sacrifice / The End Versuri
Rainfall Versuri
A Room And A Riddle Versuri
The August Engine (Part 2) Versuri
Insect Versuri
Doomed Parade Versuri
The Trial And The Grave Versuri