Versuri Happy Campers - I Got Abducted By Aliens

Album: Happy Campers - Campfire Songs

One day as alien landed in my backyard. At first I thought it was Captain Picard, but then I saw green tentacle things and I knew it
wasn't good tidings that they bring. I got abducted by aliens. They electro beamed me up to their ship. Strapped me to a table and I heard
something rip. It was my skull they cut it in half. Tickled my brain and made me laugh. I got abducted by aliens. Blubbering like a bay I
confessed all my sins. In my arms and legs they stuck some pins. Jabbed a metal probe up my butt and back on Earth they call me a nut. I
got abducted by aliens. They dropped me off and then they cruised. As I lay there feeling used and abused and now they say my brain is out
of whack. Just because I'm waiting for my alien friends to come back. Come back Come back, Come back. I got abducted by aliens.

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