Versuri Happy Campers - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Album: Happy Campers - SmoreCore

Sleeping on a bed of dirty needles and a pillow made of trash
A stale half eaten doughnut the last meal that he had
Bullets ring out in the night, under a chair he hides
A broken door with broken windows protects him from outside

Mother comes home half past two with a lost look on her face
The mother that he used to know is in another place
A scar across his forehead cruel reminder of a dad
Who put him in intensive care the last time he was bad

Close your eyes, Nothings wrong, Close your eyes

Teacher thinks he's trouble sits him in the back of class
As long as he don't cause her trouble she will let him pass
Quietly he sneaks through school. Now where can he be?
The product of society that we no longer see.

Close your eyes, Nothings wrong, Close your eyes

How can we expect a child like this to succeed
When we can not even fulfill his most basic needs
Love, Respect, A helping hand are things he's never known
Equal Opportunity an idea that we have sadly blown

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