Versuri Happy Campers - Tubes

Album: Happy Campers - Happy Campers

Billy-club and a gun, can of mace and a badge,
seem to have given you the right to take away what rights I have.
Lack of respect, no compromise, abuse of power, excessive force,
attacking the ones you serve and protect, the justice system in reverse.

A few kids in the desert hanging out listening to bands.
Call the police, heaven forbid, they use the energy on Steve Wynn's land.
For us you needed a chopper? For us you had to draw guns?
Meanwhile someone's raped and murdered, but at least you stopped our fun.
At least you stopped our fun.

knock down our stuff, cussing at us, waving your big shotgun around.
You tried to silence us by knocking all of our equipment down.
A protest escaped my lips, I've always been one to speak my mind.
Stand up for my constitutional right and got a shotgun pressed between my eyes.
Between my eyes, between my eyes, between my eyes.
You threatened my life, insulted me, showed me I have no place in this society.
And you wonder why I have a lack of respect for authority?