Versuri Happy Campers - Voices

Album: Happy Campers - SmoreCore

I hear voices, voices in my mind
Voices from the past that always seem to find
Seem to find their way, way into my head
Whispering to me what other people said
Said to me. I try to ignore, ignore what they say
But these voices they won't go away

These voices, they come from all around
tell me how to live, try to bring me down
down to earth, but earth is so boring
they don't want me hope, don't want me to dream
Dreams are a waste of time that's what they say
I don't want to listen but they won't go away

I hear voices, voices from my heart
that tell me not to stray, stray from the path
The path I want to take, take what I want
Want outta life, life that is mine
Do what I feel is right
The voices are still there but what they try to say
I will ignore I will make them go away