Versuri Hardcore Superstar - Don't Care 'bout Your Bad Behaviour

Album: Hardcore Superstar - Beg For It (2009)

A black toothed man with a broken hand 
When you see him
You'll know who I mean 
He'll teach you lessons 
Tell you where to begin
He'll even sell himself
Sold under sin

Reputation as a stubborn stupid man
A smell of death
What a charming frightening scent
A walking zombie with no ticket in his hand
A nice corpse doing the best he can

You should know 
You're almost gone 
One of the good 
But it turned out wrong

I don't care 'bout your bad behaviour
I can't save you
Can't change you
Don't care 'bout you bad behaviour
Can't save you
Can't change you
Far from home
Mommies little boy is gone
I can't change you

Rich bastard 
Do you see the broken glass 
You climb the ladder
Jealous of your own a*s
Sometimes it happens
I get slapped in the face
It turns me on
That's what I chase

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