Versuri Haste - 08. Thought Market

Album: Haste - Pursuit in the Face of Consequence

sells me a way to give away
a way to be improved
I need more for my own thoughts
tear apart, the outside cultures in me
its what I need
ideas sucked away from me
its killing you
it what you need
see me, I need more of your empty lies
don't try to sell me?
I don't need this
don't try to sell me?
I won't be bought...
for less than nothing

twist perceptions for your use
your words hide intent with lies
I fall, fall back to the outside
my eyes see through these lies
don't try to sell me, reaching in...
I try to retain myself
feel myself losing, losing

don't tell me how
selling my thoughts
slaves for your use
feelings become the fuel to burn

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