Versuri Haste - 10. Dredge This Wound

Album: Haste - Pursuit in the Face of Consequence

I've been down, helpless, still
I come here once again
feelings lost
extinction of what used to be
dwelling keeps me
from standing on my own

selfless dissection of emotion
emotion I have left inside
dredge this wound
salt of tears, then I fade away
slips away and fades

raising eyes to see you
anger is all I feel,
missed your forgiveness
just a witness of my own demise
searching these pieces
they cut me, you laugh as I bleed
swallow contradiction
just a victim of all I have inside

this pain just deepens
I can never let go
feel it numbing me
exist around you
everything I know
I've held myself down to
held myself down
so that I will never fall
all of this I feel I pour out for you
salvation, in the release of all that I feel

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