Versuri Hatebreed - 11. Final Prayer

Album: Hatebreed - Perseverance

Destruction - in its purest form
No limit to the vicious damage done
Corruption - injustice with no remorse
Heinous disregard, our future's uncertain

But as life comes from the earth
It must return to the ash
Cleanse ourselves of those vile traits
And crawl back from annihilation
We shatter lives
We decimate the earth

Final prayer
Final Prayer for the human race, we know our time is running out
Millions of people will suffer and die; by the hands of those in power
Final prayer
Final prayer for the human race
You must bow to your knees and repent for the human race

To the blood stained face
For a world that can not be changed
Forever reminded
Of a nightmare that is every passing day

Worthless we shatter lives
We decimate the earth

(Final prayer...)

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