Versuri HATECRAFT - Generation Of Obscenities

Album: HATECRAFT - Lost Consolation

Look into their eyes
What can you see??
Dark desires or light intentions?
Touch their hearts
What do you feel??
Burning hatred or endless love?

Look into their minds
Can they show mercy
Or kill with no regrets?
Come in their souls
Are there any angels
Or only evil reigns?

Locked in chaos of daily being
Generation of obscenities
(And) [singing 'We have lost'] our faith, we have lost all our hopes

I considered myself
Not as others - better man
How foolish i was
I am as all rest
And has always been
Contradictory creature
Full of passion
Lust and anger


Pity human race
We are condemned [x2]
To kill, to hate,
To suffer (and) to be buried in graves

[Chorus x2]

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