Versuri Hatesphere - Floating

Album: Hatesphere - Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes

Iam tripping on the road to nowhere
Iam heading south to go there
I gave up the believe that I care
Iam a hollow shell of broken dreams
The only sounds I hear are screams
The only sounds I hear are screams!

[Solo: Pepe]

Iam floating through a space of emptiness
Surrounded by the thoughts that I repress
At one with the demons I possess
At one with the bottles that I bless
Building my sanity on the rubble of hatred inside of me
Living on in misery
Living on in misery
No love left inside
No fear I must hide
Just a tiny flame of hate
Every bitter defeat is swept away
I hail the dawn of a new day
Embrace this misery
Erase every weakness in me

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