Versuri Hatesphere - Lies And Deceit

Album: Hatesphere - Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes

If you donat bring nothing to the table
Donat expect to eat
Donat expect no one to grovel at your feet
Donat expect me to forgive any lie or deceit
Donat expect me to help you when you bleed

Youave never done s**t for nobody else
You never cared about no one but yourself

And all these sit takers you call your friends
I know youall turn on each other in the very end
Your eyes will turn from red to black
When you feel all the daggers in your back

Iam fed up with your bullshit
Iam fed up with your lies
Fed up with your ways
Now look straight into my eyes

No more Mr. Nice guy
Itas time to be blunt
Youare nothing but a worthless c**t

I got a fist for your face
A blade for your soul
Iam gonna nail your f*****g head on pole

Youare watching your world falling apart
No more lies to tell a
No more playing fuckina smart

Your eyes will open wide
Right before you only see black
I will strike you down

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