Versuri Hatesphere - Plague

Album: Hatesphere - Bloodred Hatred

The road was paved long ago
While your progress still goes slow
Although you felt a freeze
You kept on walking on
Now you're begging please

Why do you rip off
When you should f**k off

Strumming, humming around
Like an insect and the dirt
You're the s**t
And you're the fly
Go kiss your a*s goodbye

Just another fish in the sea
But not swimming free
Entangled in a web
Of miserable s**t
You can't escape you cannot swim
Your pitiful career will dim
Run away
No one remembers you were here
Find another place to bore
Or settle down as a whore

Here I come

Your mouth and a*s were made to screw
Worry not, I'll visit you
f**k you!!!

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