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Sepultura  Nightwish  Pink Floyd  Tarja Turunen  Epica  Muse  In Flames

For a long time The Human Nature is under Attak, One invisible Enemy program to take over control and finaly destroy what WE are…this Enemy is a Virus whit specificly genetic instructions to find the Human host, infect and take over his mind, feelings and action controls….and that is The HateviruS ( H8V ), and that is what we have to fight against. This reveal that there is a virus of Hate in our society causing many deteriorating symptoms. Our society as a whole is suffering from the effects of Hate, whether be it individually, socially, politically or religiously. Hate is alive and growing constantly do to the poor individuals of our human breed that are week enough to be infected. After the viral invasion The Plague is easily spread around by a complex set of actions that invite others to follow…concluding whit the fact that we are the followers of Hate, Armies of Haters whit symptoms of a desease that lead us to Involuntary Acts of Aggresion agains others, up to where The Piont of Recovery and fighting back will not be possible for all of us, falling in to a dark abis sorrouwnded only by our guilt and confuse feelings. No outside action or Viral e-Motions are to be blame, only We are The Architekts of Hate and the generators of this Hatefull world we live in today. The Viral Hate Infection is out there and WE are the Antidot. The Viral Hate Infection is out there and WE are his Followers. U dont stand alone agains this Plague...we are here since 2011