Versuri HEAVENLY - Liberty

Album: HEAVENLY - Virus

Don't save the world it's too late
They said.. we will goes through the time
Running up to the sky higher to changing the way
Reaching the power to liber..liberty..

Are you crawling here below?
Vile mint sense blood
Shad the cold
Going down to the ground
And close to the edge
Just calling (alling)
Calling me away..

Nothing Spill out in my pride.
The prophecies will never dies
Screaming warning after warning
Cries and burns in the air
Just calling (alling)
Calling me again..yeah

They hurt so much souls
When the creature be bless (blast)
Back to the crawling rip compared side
Now we'll get our revenge.. I cannot hide
My revolution is riding through the night
Can you feel the pain?.. I cannot die..
The domination will defeat that kind!

Are you bent fight shooting burst?
The warriors higher than dues
Mission hide from the precision(precision)
Rebelling sack want to survive
The prophecies that you stole from mine
Carrying on to fill the glory
The victory that we won
Just calling (alling)
Calling me


Don't save the world it's too late
And end up we are asking the faiths
Fighting eternally.
(don't kill me now,wait until too late)
Mine is eternally
Lead me to crowning your aid.


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