Versuri HEAVENWOOD - Fragile

Album: HEAVENWOOD - Redemption 2008

Hold me strong
Time to nail me deep down
My world so wrong
I feel my world collapsing through

You're an anchor for my dreams
Road of senses, the last for this breed
Good old efforts would be alive
Someone else has to be nailed or hide

You got to live by your own now
You got to deal and celebrate

The need for faith

5. One Step To Devotion

Anxious to dismiss hate
Hideous rage within your fate

Sown in you

Your somewhat wits conceive
A fancy world to see

Sown in you

One step to devotion

Empires fall as flowers in autumn breeze
Deceased... Your mind bleed

Spread the seed and hang the wisdom's past
And swear... revelations when the sun burns red

One step to devotion

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