Versuri Heavy Duty - Angry Again


for the first time in my life,
I feel the pressure in my blood
my veins are pulsing, ready to flow 
my eyes are pumping ready to blow
I feel ignite and terrible wasted
you shouldn't see me when I go crazy 
the time is over, I lost control
lycanthropy in final form


I`m crawling naked smelling the air
the wind is blowing tousling my hair 
the hunger's rising into my guts 
like muscles tearing the skin from my arms
the pain is burning my human's soul
it brings me straight to an animal form
and no one`s sees the horror I spread
except the crows flying above my head


Angry again,
my bark is rising up to horizon
Angry again,
cadaveric lust starts to uprisen

Angry again
my mouth devours society's flesh
Angry again
I am the product of a natural crash

Angry again
disorder governs my empty brain
Angry again
psychotic sickness cured invain

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