Versuri Helheim - Iron Icon 9

Album: Helheim - Yersinia Pestis

The symbol of sovereighnity
Everlasting malice
Taste our supremacy
Feel the final front

Brand this mark
Remember its power
Once seduced there's no escape
The olden Law has taken new forms

It's the icon of everything
The symbol of pagan unity
None can change our view
Withdrawn from the common ways

The beast of a new age
Crushing everything in their way
Branded by the icon
The nine stages that makes us whole

Spew out your hate
Mock thy new enemy
Rise up from your comfort and lust
for something more

Who dares wins I way
And so it shall be done
Harvest their withering words
And throw it back ten times folded

[MUSIC: V'gandr]
[LYRICS: V'gandr]