Versuri HELL WITHIN - Godspeed To Your Deathbed

Album: HELL WITHIN - Asylum Of The Human Predator

A dead mother's eyes
Transfixed in endless sorrow.
Hard times to bury a son
Some say we will live on.
Hope fills the depths of their hearts
Of blind faith I surely am not.

These passing years have stolen my smile
My reflection a stranger

Behind the attic door
Between the silhouettes
The wet kiss of death in the night-time mist
Upon the autumn leaves
Your words are carried to me
I know it kills you that my own hands set me free

[Pre II]
These passing years have stolen my smile
(my time)
My reflection a stranger
(reflection seems stranger)
This young shell harbored an old man
(why try?)
Set me free from this nightmare

It's over now
Rest your head a while
The fear
Is the illusion of darkness
Death is not the end

Inside decaying eyes
My murdered spirit lies
My body burns with the glow of a funeral pyre
Procession gathered 'round
I never heard a sound
Ash to the wind
Never underground

[Pre II]

Death is not the end...

Burn my flesh off this rotting shell
Grind my bones into dust and ash
Send my soul to oblivion
Erase these hollow, f*****g years
Cleanse yourself from my putrid life
Become my ghost, and kill yourself


Death is not the end...

Do not falter
Pull the trigger
Absolve your wretched existence

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