Versuri HELL WITHIN - Selfinflicted Silence

Album: HELL WITHIN - Asylum Of The Human Predator

I've given all of me to see
Eyes open
Staring back at me
"A shattered loss," you said
Live through me.

I wish I could
Crawl inside your skin
Pull and tear and
Make you feel again.

Terrified, born to die
(25 years of my life)
Tell me, are you satisfied?
(in my own prison)
It fills me up, gives me life
(built in my head)
25 year suicide.

They can't hear me
How could you leave me here?
(how could you leave me here?)
To bear this pain alone
(you know they'd open scars)
That were better left alone
(now you will have your way)
I won't fight.

I've given all of me to see
Eyes open staring back at me