Setlist posibil Helloween si Axxis la Rockin' Transilvania

de Morrison

Setlist posibil Helloween si Axxis la     Rockin' Transilvania
Setlist-urile posibile ale concertelor Helloween si Axxis care vor avea loc in acest weekend la Sibiu, in cadrul Rockin' Transilvania, pot fi vazute mai jos:


1. Doom Of Destiny
2. Tales Of Glory Island
3. Little War
4. Take My Hand
5. Angel Of Death
6. Living In A World
7. Kingdom Of The Night


01. Halloween
02. Sole Survivor
03. March Of Time
04. As Long As I Fall
05. Eagle Fly Free
06. Paint A New World
07. A Tale That Wasn't Right
08. Drum Solo
09. The Bells Of The Seven Hells
10. We Burn
11. King For A 1000 Years
12. Dr. Stein
13. Medley: Perfect Gentleman Pt. 1 / I Can / Where The Rain Grows / If I Could Fly / Perfect Gentleman Pt. 2 / Power / Keeper Of The Seven Keys
14. Future World
15. I Want Out

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