Versuri Helloween - Ain't Got Nothin Better

Album: Helloween - I Don't Wanna Cry No More

I'm always on the run with my guitar and my old shoes
I'm movin' and I'm groovin' and I really got the blues
I'm always havin' fun and I've got nothin' left to lose
I never tune my guitar 'cause I like the way it grooves

Sitting in a sleazy bar I'm slowly goin' down
I ain't got no more money but I know you'll be around
Early in the morning and the first kiss isn't far
I ain't got nothing better than my girl and my guitar

We're rockin' and we're rolling and we don't know what we do
We play so loud and out of tune I need a new tattoo
We don't give a damn-s**t we five horsemen on the run
We only wanna go out there and have a lot of fun


Take me through the night and I will always be with you
Feel me, touch me, hear me, yes I love the things we do
Love me and I show you just the way I love you too
We belong together and I never let you go



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