Versuri Helloween - Occasion Avenue

Album: Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy

[Music & Lyrics: Andi Deris]

What you sight you have seen
Where you go already been
The again you go through
Occasion Avenue

Sister, the day you sell your skin
(The gold of night is the gold of the blind)
Sister, that day your soul gives in
(You'll never find what you left behind)
Oh, oh, no matter what they do
Oh, oh, you got to go straight through
Occasion Avenue

Brother, dare not look left or right
(Coaxing your eyes, poisoning your mind)
Brother, don't stop or you must fight
(No indulgence or its death you find)
Oh, oh, you may not leave with doubt
Oh, oh, you may no take it to
Occasion Avenue

Follow your heart - Follow your truth
Follow the path that shines for you
On Occasion Avenue
How far you go - How good you do
Uncovers the prize or rebears you
To Occasion Avenue

Domini, domini - Occasion Avenue - Domini Sancti
Satani, satani - Occasion Avenue - Satani mundi

Will there be tomorrow - Will there be the stars
Will there be a future - time beats in our hearts
Or will there be the fire - branding us his mark

I pray for all us people
Trying to solve the riddle
I don't know where we're going
I don't know if we're being true
On Occasion Avenue

[Solo: Gerstner]

Precious is your tasking
For a little bit of faking
For a tiny slight deception
For some insincere affection
(TV: ...sentenced to 16 years for
Marriage imposture and order
Of murder to his current wife whose
Life assurance's worth one million pounds.)

Much will be your power
By the essence of a flower
By seducement and cold rapture
By abusing mother nature
(TV: ...murdered close to
Old Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie.
Police assumes just one more execution
By competing drug-cartels).

Great will be your status
When you know how to lick anus
When you lie and swindle ruthless
And your biggest hero's Judas
(TV: ...commited suicide in his
New York Penthouse.
He leaves no dependant
So stay tuned for the latest news of
"where do all the millions go").

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