Versuri HERMETIC VASTNESS - Ritual Of The Drunken God!!!

Album: HERMETIC VASTNESS - Hermetic Vastness

[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]

And then young woman dance in my reverence
And the shaman offers her to me shedding her virgin blood.
Burning her body in a sacred bonfire, conducting her soul
Protected under the kingdom of my domination.
A ceremony in my reverence in the holy day.
Women, men and children that dance naked
The gladiators are ready for primitive ritual
Beasts and men shed blood, all to celebrate me.
SILFOS! Thank you for giving me wings to fly the fixed clouds.
DJINS! You taught me the cross cuts of the forest, to escape from trails and traps.
ONDINAS! I Want to court the sirens and offer them living water veils and pearls.
SALAMANDRA! Instigate my fire, in dance of fire, dancing to me

Dancing to me

Dancing to me!!!!!!!
So, I dreamed that I was the ritual in the holy day,
Or maybe the ritual dreams that it's me today!!!!!!!
Meditates this God, getting drunk with all that blood
Observing and hiding behind the mountains.

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