Versuri HIBRIA - Reborn From The Ashes

Album: HIBRIA - The Skull Collectors

Won't you realize all those
Streets are now nameless?
And the golden years have gone by
All the step behind left a scar in your face
Can you still remember what you looked like?

Hey my friend, there is no regret
It's not like we have thought
Shall we keep moving straight ahead?
Even when we know it's going down

Ritual -- unforgiving soul
Bloody Sacrifice -- could you
Sacrifice your love
Ritual -- cause the sacrifice forgives
Reborn from the ashes

Can you hear the chime of bells?
Waking the restless mind for change
Can you see the bright of stars?
One new way...

Living on the edge of a bright new start
I see only death and self destruction
Time reveals the nature of our souls
All I have lived has made
Me be all that I've always been

Flesh and soul, sons of God, disciples of devils
Flesh and soul cause we are
What we are and what we have lived

There's no sacrifice to deny my own nature
I'm just like a dog chewing a bone
When the meat is gone I keep fooling my senses
Tasting my own blood spilled 'round the bone


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