High on Fire Chords & Tabs

Tara : SUA Stil: Stoner metal Componenta: Des Kensel - baterie       Matt Pike - voce, chitara     Jeff Matz - bass Discografie : The Art Of Self Defense (2000) Surrounded By Thieves (2002) Live From The Contamination Festival (2004)      Blessed Black Wings (2005) Death Is This Communion    (2007) HIGH ON FIRE www.highonfire.net www.myspace.com/highonfireslays ...Biografie High on Fire

Face Of Oblivion Tab

Eyes And Teeth Tab

Blessed Black Wings Intro (ver2) Tab

Blessed Black Wings Intro Tab

How Dark We Pray Tab

10000 Years Tab

Bastard Samurai Tab

Holy Flames Of The Fire Spitter Tab

Frost Hammer Tab

Snakes For The Divine Tab

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