Versuri Highlight Kenosis - Flying machine

Album: Highlight Kenosis - Glowing

I.      I?m the very image
        Of a human being?s face who tries to live.
        Past is shouting within
        Waiting for the One Who sets me free from lies.

M.      Struggle to change, but inside
        Evil is moving against me
        Looking back, it?s a war!
        Only the Truth will survive
        And He will sign my release
        From the prison.

C.      This is the day when I?m building a flying machine,
        Hoping I will get much closer to You;
        Everyone?s laughing at me and at my beliefs,
        All that I care is to follow Your words.

II.    I look in the mirror,
       I?m a great pretender for the ones I love
       No! What I?ve become?!
       Leader of the foolish pride and of the sins!

F.     Nothing belongs to me, so
       I am down on my knees
       Asking You for the Truth.
       God! I am praying today
       And I wish everyday:
       Take me closer to You!

       Where You are there?s  joy and peace
       This is what we really miss.

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