Versuri Highlight Kenosis - I found myself in you

Album: Highlight Kenosis - Glowing

I.  All that’s full of lies and strangers,
    Friends that make you feel alone,
    People weeping  for no reason,
    For some things that bring the sin.
    I can’t stand it anymore. Why this hurry to decay?
    I feel tired of this sick world!
    I will find my peace with You, cause :

C. I believe that You are with me;
    You’re the only One that I believe in.
    All I know of me You know it better,
    This is why I come to You to save me!
    If I ask for something good You have it,
    If I cry You help me wash away my tears;
    Since I found You I’ve learned more about You!
    You will give a hand, I’m sure, to this world.

II. I’m afraid to stay alone, 
    Hiding from what matters most.
    Running from myself is too much
    Will not take me anywhere.
    Think this is a game I’m playing -
    It’s myself I’m playing with.
    Every day is passing by me,
    Gonna start my life again, cause:

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