Versuri Highlight Kenosis - It Wasn't Love

Album: Highlight Kenosis - Glowing

I.  Monday in the morning I wake up,
     I'm confused, I don't know where to start.
     Can't remember last days, anyway.
     They're just days, they're all gone, where are You?

C.  I know I cannot live without You by my side.
     When I try to go on, I am always behind
     From the things that I want and I know I need You
     To forgive my sins, I was wrong.

II. Try to find myself day by day -
     It's so hard changing things that are done.
     Hope You'll see me better in a while,
     Then You'll know the good change was for You.

M. Without Your care I won't be more than me:
      A silly girl, cause my love wasn't love.

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