Versuri Highlight Kenosis - Thank you for leaving me

I.  Rain is falling with strange tears;
     Mixed up colors into the sky
     Make you happy but not every time.
     You look in the mirror and you’re trying to smile.

M. Running, trying, falling;
      Running, trying, crying.

C. Hey, you, why don’t you stop me hurt you?
     Why don’t you find your own way?
     Just get away from me!...

II. Thank you for nothing, for all this time
     While I tried so much to say ‘good bye’.
     You don’t understand, but it’s better for me
     To try to let go -
     If you go, I’ll be finally free.

C. Hey, you, thanks for finding your own way,
     Thank you for leaving that way,
     Thank you for leaving me!

F.  Try to believe me, it’s better this way -
     Too many sins and we have to pay…

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